Mark Sanchez Predicts a 13-3 Season for NY Jets

The New York Jets have a brutal schedule to open the season. But that’s not stopping former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez from predicting big things. Appearing on NFL Total Access, the current Redskins QB surprises all predicting a 13-3 winning season for the NY Jets.

Sanchez starts off by predicting the Jets to win their first two games of the season against the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns. A Week 3 loss to the New England Patriots seemed to bring things back down to Earth.

However, Sanchez then predicted seven straight wins and an eventual 13-3 record. That would be the best record for any team in franchise history.

It’s always difficult to predict wins this far in advance. The NFL can change dramatically from week to week. That being said, Jets fans should hope that Sanchez knows something we don’t because the roster doesn’t look like that of a 13-3 team.

Among the most interesting Jets fans are the girls at Rick’s Cabaret New York, the upscale gentlemen’s club that is a favorite with pro athletes who are frequently spotted at the famous club.

Rick’s Cabaret Girls

“We love the Jets,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Victoria. “Let’s hope Sanchez’s prediction comes true–thirteen wins would be awesome, and we will be headed to the playoffs.”

“I haven’t been thinking about football yet,” explained Rick’s Cabaret girl Onyx. “But yeah, 13 wins would be great. Here’s a couple of pics of us and we invite everyone to come visit us soon.” (note: thanks for the pics, girls!)

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