Celtics or Warriors? We Ask The Rick’s Cabaret Girls!

We asked some of the lovely ladies who perform at the Rick’s Cabaret New York gentlemen’s club who will win the NBA Championship? The Golden State Warriors or the Boston Celtics? The three story club is located just one block from Madison Square Garden, and is a favorite with basketball fans.

“We love basketball,” said Rick’s Cabaret girl Julianna. “I think Golden State will win it all, but I do think that Boston is a great team also. It will go seven games. It will be close!” 

“I’ve danced for some NBA guys,” said Rick’s Cabaret girl Katina. “They were really nice. I’m picking the Celtics because I always root for the underdog.”

Rick’s Cabaret is conveniently located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan at 50 West 33 Street, right across from the Empire State Building. It’s famous for its beautiful entertainers, warm hospitality, and the VIP treatment that guests receive. The club features luxury Sky Boxes, a Roof Top Cigar Lounge, and its own Rick’s Steakhouse, which stays open late. 

“The games will be exciting,” said Rick’s Cabaret girl Sasha. “I’m picking the Warriors to win. I think a slight majority of the girls here agree. Come watch the games with us.”