NY Mets Expecting Good Year From Mets Manager Luis Rojas

New York Mets Manager Luis Rojas is looking forward to his second year at the helm.

He was not your standard “inherited manager” to a new regime because the new team president, Sandy Alderson, knew Rojas well from their previous time together in the organization and opted to keep him even before hiring a general manager.

His first year on the job didn’t go well, yet he never appeared overwhelmed emotionally, looking the same during his postgame Zoom news conferences regardless of the result.

Not swaying with the wind, the 39-year-old might just turn out to be a force of stability as the Mets look to launch this new era in the right direction. With a most turbulent rookie season in the past, with less micromanaging above him, Rojas appears poised to do just that.

“I thought even though with all of the unfortunate and the negative with 2020, we all grew a lot,” Rojas said.

“I think I learned a lot last year, too, whether it was from people around me here and the players.”