NY Mets: Pete Alonso Allows MLB to Mic Up First Base to Grow Game

One of the pressing topics Major League Baseball is facing these days is how to grow the game and make younger viewers interested in baseball. New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso has an idea.

Alonso said he told MLB to put a microphone at first base during games to capture conversations between baserunners and fielders in a bid to make people more interested in the sport.

Let’s be honest, everyone has wondered what first basemen talk about with baserunners. This would allow us to know. It’s probably not a bad idea, though it’s not exactly clear just how much it would help expand the game’s appeal.

Alonso has already taken on a leadership role with the Mets. In addition to his 53 home runs as a rookie, he’s very impressive off the field and seems to understand exactly what baseball’s issues are these days.