NFL: Peyton Manning Thinks Highly of Jets QB Sam Darnold

Jets quarterback Sam Darnold is getting very familiar with the Broncos offenses of 2013 and ’14, particularly their quarterback.

Darnold has been studying tape of Peyton Manning, who set records in Adam Gase’s offense in Denver during those years. Now, Darnold is learning Gase’s scheme and studying one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history to try to pick up some tips.

Gase said Darnold has access to all of his offensive film from 2012 forward, including his stints in Denver and Chicago as offensive coordinator and Miami as head coach. Darnold can access certain situations or formations and study what Manning did.

While Darnold is studying Manning, Gase also wants to make sure that Darnold does not try to just do a Peyton imitation. Gase does not want Darnold to lose the qualities that made him the No. 3-overall pick in 2018.