Has CC Sabathia Thrown His Last Pitch?

Maybe this 558th start of CC Sabathia’s major league career will prove to be the final one before the 39-year-old lefty calls it a day once the season ends.

Maybe this time the wire holding together a right knee that has been an issue for at least six years — and the cause of multiple trips to the injured list the past three seasons and twice this year — have finally given way for good.

It is premature to declare an end to this pending Hall of Famer’s career even as he announced before the year that this 20th big league season would be his last. That’s why there are qualifiers attached to the situation. Sabathia has pitched through pain before. He wouldn’t be the first athlete to go out on his sword but is in no hurry to join the list. He intends to go through what has become a regular course of treatment that could include another cortisone shot and then give it another go on the mound.

We wish him well.