Yankees Eliminate Red Sox From The AL East Race

To a man, each player who was here a year ago, when the Yankees had their season ended by the Red Sox in the ALDS, said they didn’t place much importance on knocking Boston out of the AL East race on Monday night.

But there was “New York, New York’’ blaring from the visiting clubhouse after the Yankees beat their rivals, 5-0 at Fenway Park.

“It’s a good song,’’ Austin Romine said of the music that caused some controversy when Aaron Judge played it as the Yankees left Fenway during the playoffs last October — only to lose the series.

This is a much different season, though.

It’s one that has seen the Yankees emerge as perhaps the best team in the league and Boston, less than a year removed from a title, already undergoing a front-office shake-up after winning three straight AL East races.