Johnny Manziel Will Join The AAF’s Memphis Express

Quarterback Johnny Manziel will continue his career in the AAF with the Memphis Express.  This comes after the former Heisman Trophy winner proved he could still could still make plays in the CFL.


“We are pleased to welcome Johnny Manziel to the Alliance of American Football, which we’ve always described as a league of opportunity for talented players to launch or revitalize their pro football careers,” Polian said in a press release. “We completed extensive background work to determine whether it would be appropriate for Johnny to play this season, and after consulting with many people familiar with his situation, we concluded that it would be good for him to resume his pro football career here at The Alliance.”

Manziel’s player rights initially belonged to the San Antonio Commanders based on the AAF’s college-allocation system. After the Commanders passed on the quarterback, the Express had the first chance to put in a waiver claim.