New York Knicks Rout Chicago Bulls 114-91

Forget the six-game win streak or even the seven wins in nine road games. The Knicks have played 16 games, and won 10 of them. Three of the losses, to quality teams in the Trail Blazers, Bucks and Grizzlies, could’ve gone either way. 

Tom Thibodeau’s team is hitting its stride. The most recent example came Friday night, in a 114-91 shellacking of the talented, but underperforming Bulls, the Knicks shaking off an uneven first quarter by out-scoring Chicago by 26 points over the final three quarters. 

Prior to the game, Thibodeau warned his players of how hard it would be to complete the sweep in this rare two-games-in-three-days set on the road, comparing it to a postseason series. 

“When you look at playoffs, it’s the intensity of playing the same team over and over,” he said before the game. “You know exactly what they’re trying to do. So then it’s how hard you compete, it’s imposing your will.” 

“I think guys are building chemistry with each other,” Thibodeau said. “That chemistry is on both sides of the ball.”