Chris Jericho’s Mt. Rushmore of Wrestling

While it’s always up for debate who wrestling fans believe is the greatest of all time, some wrestlers deserve to be there. On his Saturday Night Special Live via Facebook, Chris Jericho revealed his personal Mt. Rushmore after a viewer asked the question.

Jericho seemed hard-pressed to name four people as he said that people like Owen Hart and Ricky Steamboat were personal influences of his. He was unsure if The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin should be on his own Mt. Rushmore of Wrestling. But the top three were Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and Hulk Hogan. On the fourth, he was perplexed and said:

“All right, you want it, you got it. Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Último Dragón (Yoshihiro Asai). One of the greatest wrestlers I have ever seen in my life. One of the greatest performers I ever worked with. That’s my four. Deal with it.”

Jericho picked a list that he was personally influenced by, and there seemed to be a method to the madness. But as he said, these choices are always hard to get right.