Jets Blow Late Lead in Gut-Wrenching Fashion as Raiders Hand New York 12th Loss

The 2020 New York Jets have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. The Las Vegas Raiders, staring down a loss to the NFL’s only winless team, scored a touchdown with five seconds left on a Hail Mary from quarterback Derek Carr, defeating the Jets 31-28.

Until that moment, it seemed like the Jets were going to win. Carr was in desperation mode, overthrowing every pass in an effort to get it into the end zone. Just a few seconds more and the Jets would no longer be the NFL’s winless embarrassment. Jets players were probably even planning out their victory dances and celebrations.

But by now, everyone should have learned not to overestimate the Jets and head coach Adam Gase. There was exactly one way for them to lose that game, and they lost it.

In a way, you could say the Raiders don’t deserve it. They allowed themselves to almost lose to the NFL’s most hilarious clown show. They were saved from that fate only by a miracle throw caught by Henry Ruggs for a 46-yard score in the final seconds of the game. But the Jets, their first win just five short seconds away, deserved it less. After Carr had been heaving throws downfield, they somehow let a Raider catch that ball. That’s why they’re the Jets.