NFL Players Association Approves New Ten Year Deal

There will be labor peace in the NFL for 10 more years, although not all the players are happy.

The NFLPA announced that it approved a new collective bargaining agreement, a 10-year pact which will see 17-game regular seasons and an increased share of revenue for the players. The agreement will run through 2030. Players were pretty split, with 1,019 yes votes to 959 no votes.

“This result comes after a long and democratic process in accordance with our constitution,” the NFLPA said in a statement. “An independent auditor received submitted ballots through a secure electronic platform, then verified, tallied and certified the results.”

Roger Goodell also issued a statement.

“We are pleased that the players have voted to ratify the new proposed CBA, which will provide substantial benefits to all current and retired players, increase jobs, ensure continued progress on player safety, and give our fans more and better football,” the NFL commissioner said. “We appreciate the tireless efforts of the members of the Management Council Executive Committee and the NFLPA leadership, both of whom devoted nearly a year to detailed, good faith negotiations to reach this comprehensive, transformative agreement.”

One player who does seem pleased with the new deal is Tom Brady, the 42-year-old QB legend.

“Well done De,” Brady tweeted at NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith.